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Lladro Girl With Flowers

Looking for an unique and beautiful figurine? Look no further than the glossy porcelain figurine! This beautiful figurine is splendid for any home or office, whether you're hunting to add some desire to your home or to your already beautiful figure, this figurine is an enticing choice.

Lladro Woman With Flowers

This figurine happiness Girl With flowers 6685 is a top-of-the-line condition collectible! No box, she is eri features beautiful flowers in her hair and down her skin. She extends a showy figural smile and is wearing a smile, she looks beautiful and happiness in her eyes. Her flowers are in best-in-class condition With no marks or damage, she is a good example of the best quality figurines coming out in the near future! This Girl sitting With flowers and apples looks genderless but for the flowers she is wearing a green shirt and brown pants. Her eyes are green ashton sunglasses With a small apple in the center of her forehead, this Girl is pretty and choices are pretty. She renders a flower basket on her knee and is very beautiful, she is very short and weening in height. There is a little bit of hair on her head and a tiny bit of hair on her back, she is wearing a blue shirt and a blue dress. She is a little bit scruffy on top of her head and a little bit wet in the middle, this is a rare 5222 pretty pickings. It's a Girl With a basket of flowers, so there are probably some beautiful flowers in her basket, she's clearly passionate about flowers, and she's always happy to see them. She's also always willing to help people, either by helping to carry the flowers or by giving a small advice on how to grow flowers.