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Flower Knight Girl Figure

This Flower Knight Girl 17 scale pvc Figure is a beautiful and aqua-friendly Figure that is unequaled for biz store, she is a beautiful and cool-headed woman who always up for a good time. She offers a sharp features and a bright personality, her armor and weapons are top-rated addition to biz store's interactive fiction game.

Flower Knight Girl Figure Amazon

This is a beautiful Flower Knight Girl Figure that is 17 scales tall and contains Figure that is complete with a cowl, bells, and overall costume, the Figure also includes 17-inch-longers for her to technique. The body is fabricated of 1080 p fabric with a high-quality finish, this Flower Knight Girl Figure is top-of-the-line for any anime and manga fans! This is a beautiful Flower Knight Girl Figure that is 17 scales! She is a blue dress and her hair is in a careful bun. She grants a silver sword at her side and an egg in her back, her eyes are green amethyst with a small smile. She comes with a headband and a green cowl with a small green shawl on it, she is 17" tall, and offers a bright green body with a white Flower in the middle of her back. Her clothes are comfortable fit for her, with a t-shirt and sweatpants, the body is robot like in shape, with missile like flames coming out of her back. Her arms and legs are also robot like in shape, with just a little bit of fabric on each side to increase in height, her hands are also robot like in shape, with small, pointed fingers. Her eyes are also robot like in shape, with small, round eyes, the Flower Knight Girl is definitely an unique and cool product, and is exquisite for any anime fan. This product is a Flower Knight Girl Figure that is fabricated of pvc, she is very beautiful with a bright green eyes and a wild green hair. The Figure is conjointly very beautiful with a yellow Flower in her hair and a white Flower in her shoulder.