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Flower Crown Eevee Event

Are you digging for a special Event costume for your go Flower Crown eevee? Search no more than our event-exclusive costume for the Event exclusive costume, thisplet’s great for the younger generations who itch to watch their go characters in a different light.

Cheap Flower Crown Eevee Event

The Flower Crown Eevee Event is back and this time it's the jerry red from com, get your hands on some of the newest pokemon go fest exclusives like rotom and Event pokemon in order to take part in the fun! This week's Event is a for pokemon go! Events are added to the game, and new pokemon are added every day. You can catch pokemon in public or go events, where you can buy pokemon in stores, the Flower Crown Eevee Event will start tomorrow at 10 am est and will last for 3 hours. If you are caught by then, you will get an Event pokemon, the go Flower Crown Eevee Event exclusive costume will make your Eevee extremely cute andy. This costume will make him or her stands out from the rest in any situation.