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Flower Brooch

This is a best-in-class gift for your favorite Flower lover! The beautiful enamel-gold botanical Brooch features a beautiful rose design and is excellent for the fashion-savvy woman who loves flowers, this gift is furthermore unrivaled for the formal event.



By Nolan Miller


Men Rose Flower Brooch Tassel Chain Lapel Pin Fabric Suit Brooches Handmade Pins
Enamel Lilac Flower Brooch Pins Women Wedding Party Office Fashion Jewelry Gift

Enamel Lilac Flower Brooch Pins

By Fashion Jewelry


Fashion Vintage Style Art Deco Flower Rose Brooch Pin Pendant Color Rhinestone
Lot 24 pc Mixed Alloy Sliver Rhinestone Crystal Brooch DIY Wedding Bouquet

Lot 24 pc Mixed Alloy

By Artec


Flower Brooch Pin

This enamel pin extends a rhinestone crystal Flower plant in the center of the pin, the Flower is surrounded by a dress (or more a dress from a wedding) that is full of orchids. The pin is signed and dated "4/5/2022", this pin is an excellent surrogate for a men's wear or fashion jewelry store. This beautiful pendant Brooch renders a huge flowers deign on one side, the clear rhinestone crystal renders a beautiful design on it with huge flowers and a deign. The pendant is very comfortable to hold and is very stylish, this Flower Brooch is produced from a natural Flower and is beautiful and unique. It is a beautiful piece to wear on a necklace or necklace made from a natural material, the Flower is floating on a spring and the text is still legible. This is an unique piece that will make a top-notch addition to each collection, this deluxe handcrafted rhinestone vintage style Brooch is top-notch for a basket. It gives a beautiful, vibrant red and green enamel field in the center of the brooch, the field is topped with a frosty blue and white enamel field and then extends a small red star at the center. The Brooch is set with medium weight gold plate and is set with a large weight gold plate, it measures about 2 inches wide x inches thick.