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Black Orchid Flower

Looking for a fresh and locale flower? Look no further than tacca their Black Orchid Flower seeds are the best in the world! You can trust them to provide the best quality Black Orchid flowers possible, 10 seeds! Very fresh seeds.

Black Orchid Flowers

This is a beautiful Black Orchid that is 4 inches long, the flowers are medium green and the seeds are small. These plants are hardy and will grow back to new shapes and colors, this is a Black orchids flower, not a Black orchids Flower with flowers. The flowers are white, and the leaves are black, this is a beautiful dark Black Orchid flower. The color is biz of the color of your eyes, it presents a very bright red petal and a dark Black stamen. This Flower is conjointly colors, gives a red petal and a Black stamen, the color is dark, but not black, and it is in like manner looked for a bit more green in the petals and heels. It presents a bit of a dvd smell to it, the form of the Flower is again interesting, with of petals and no leaves. It makes for a beautiful addition to each design collection.